iMazing HEIC Converter App Reviews

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Just what I needed

On a recent vacation my wife decided to use her iPhone to take photos instead of her camera which she has used for years. When I transferred the pictures from iPhone Photos to MAC Photos, the HEIC format was maintained. This was greater until Itried to edit them using Photoshop Elements. Maybe PSE should support HEIC files, but iMazing converted my files as advertised. The interface is pretty bare bones, but it was free and works.

Hey hey!

Surprise! This works perfectly! The pictures are output with the .heic extension, but they are now jpeg!

Did not work

This program did not recognize any of my HEIC files that came straight from my iPhone.

Converts only !

I wanted to split out the new "Mojave (Dynamic).heic 114MB" , or/and make my own dynamic wallpapers that get changed with time. But this app seems to be only converts format from heic to other formats not splitting out images.


Installed the app, dragged an HEIC file that was created by my iPhone 7, and the app says “not a valid HEIC file.” Time to send this to the trash bin and find an app that actually works.

Works perfectly.

It opens just fine on my Mac running High Sierra 10.13.4. Double-click the app and the drag ’n drop window opens. Drag your HEIC file onto the window and drop it. You’re given choices of JPG or PNG output, output quality slider and output folder. Click “convert” and a few seconds later, it’s done. You can click the button to go to the converted file or just quit. Couldn’t be simpler. Where I think some reviewers may be having a problem is that when you close the drag ’n drop window it doesn’t come back on when you click the app icon in your dock. Instead, you have to go up to your menu at the top left corner of your screen, next to the Apple icon. You’ll see the “iMazing HEIC Converter” menu. Click File > New to open the drag ’n drop window, or File > Open to go to a folder and select the HEIC file to convert. If all you want is a JPG or PNG file, this works just fine. However, if you want more conversion output options you can always double-click the HEIC file to open it in Preview, then File > Export > select a format (JPEG, JPEG2000, OpenEXR, PDF, PNG, TIFF) and Compression (None, LZW, JPEG, Packbits). There is no output quality selection.

App does NOT work

Drop HEIC pics on the “drop here” and nothing happens. Nothing. Here’s my workaround - which only pisses me off more, frankly. 1) Export full size file to a specified spot in my documents. 2) Go in and change the name of the file to JPEG as the extension. 3) Tell it, ver and over again, that YES you want it as a JPEG file and not an HEIC file. 4) Finally get to work. What a pain.

Does absolutely NOTHING

My files are legit heic files and this app does NOTHING to them Why is this app in the Apple downloads??? Can you please remove this app asap please Apple???

Oh Thank God for this App!!

I’m running Sierra, which we all know doesn’t support HEIC photos. I’ve actaully turned off HEIC on my phone and only take JPGS, but, for all the photos I’ve taken previously that I still can’t edit on my mac I now have a workflow to convert them. In order to “grab” the HEIC photo from Photos I have to double click on it to make it large. I then drag it to a folder on my hard drive so that I get the actual full resolution file. From there I can drag that file onto the Imazing app and convert it. Still kind of a pain but, until I upgrade to High Seirra, I at least have a work around.Thanks guys!

Works Perfectly

This is exactly what I needed and it worked perfectly!


Works as advertised. I successfully converted .heic images from my iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 11.2.6) to JPEG using this program on a Macbook Pro (OS X 10.12.6). Thanks for the useful piece of software.

Excellent utility

Didn’t initially realize that my new iPhone 8 Plus was saving photos in a different format. Went searching for a utility and found this gem. It worked perfectly with my 27-inch iMac (Late 2012) still running 10.11.6. Unsure what has gone wrong for other folks (I suspect there was a lack of understanding or follow-through on their part)… but for me, this app delivered as promised.

Perfect little app.

So, my wife and I share pics through Google Photos. I downloaded the ones taken from her iPhone to my laptop, and was unexpectedly faced with this new “.heic” format for the first time. In less than five minutes, I was able to find this app, download it, and convert her files to JPEGs with no problems whatsoever. Perfect. Big shout out to the developers—thanks!

Easier alternative built into OSX

This app was buggy and crashed after the 3rd HEIC photo added. I did some poking around and found an easier built-in alternative. Simply create an Automator workflow using the “Change type of images” block under the “photos” category. The automator task worked perfectly; no special app needed!

Just OK

So of the 55 photos I tried to convert it said 7 were invalid? I need these photos for a school project. So I imported them into the Apple Photos app, then exported them as jpeg files. Why I did not think of that in the first place??? Anyhow all 55 converted using Photos.

Worked instantly on my 2011 iMac!

Installed quickly. Downloaded problem attachment from an email to my iMac (MacOS Sierra 10.12.6) first, then dragged it to the app converter, then saved it to documents as a JPEG file. Perfection.

For those of you who this app doesn’t work for

Ok, so I had the same issues of dropping .HEIC files on the app and nothing happened. While on the phone with Apple to try and convert the files to .JPG file format, I discovered that all my files that were labeled .HEIC files, were in reality JPEG files. I just renamed the files to .JPG and they opened just fine. What I suppose might be happening is that I transferred my photos using Photo Transfer App on my phone and Mac. The files came over converted to JPEG, but the file names still had .HEIC extension, so I assumed that they were HEIC and tried using this converter. It didn’t work and the reason it didn’t was because the files were actually JPEGs with .HEIC extension.. So, if this converter doesn’t work, try renaming your files to .JPG and see if they open.

Works great!

Thanks for this invaluable little app!! :)

Quick and lightweight

This application works exactly as described. Drop the photos and convert. Perfect. Thank you!

Downloaded and then trashed

down loaded to open photos i usually get from my wife in regular format now the HEIC format. drapped photos in. nothing came out. dragged photos in nothing came out. thats 15 minutes wasted.

Mid 2009 MacBook Pro OS 10.11.6 El Capitan

Works great on my Mid 2009 MacBook Pro OS 10.11.6 El Capitan. Just what I needed to convert HEIC to jpg untill hopefully HEIC is widely adopted.

It does nothing.

I installed the app, opened it, dragged a perfectly valid HEIC file and dropped where it said, and.... nothing happened. Ok, weird. Closed the app, tried again. Same outcome: absolutely nothing. Sigh. Closed the app. Right clicked on the HEIC file and chose Open With... and selected the app. App opens. Nothing happens. Closed the app. Drag it to Trash. Get on with my life. This app simply does not work.

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